Lee Yen

Everyday, you are faced with choices that will contribute to the unfolding of your story.

Will you move towards your authentic beautiful self, step-by-step, choice-by-choice, 5 minutes at a time?



Aloha! I’m Lee Yen.

I am so delighted you have arrived in this sacred space. I’m a nature lover. I'm a health warrior. Essential oil enthusiast and Aroma Yoga teacher. I'm the founder of The Scentsible Tribe and team leader. I help build resilience through community and guide you towards inner healing and self-awareness.



 cultivate a meaningful life everyday


What if you knew deep down inside that you are loved completely and unconditionally?

What would you do differently if you lived from a place of believing wholeheartedly that you are loveable and loved?

Do you feel the tugging in your heart? You do know that you are here to contribute to a better future for our planet, right?



The world is waiting for your unique gifts.

We can walk towards your empowerment hand in hand. 


Global Retreats. Inner Journeys.

Join Me In Bali

In just one session, Lee Yen has been instrumental in my journey towards inner healing and self-awareness. Her gentle wisdom, intuition and compassion made me feel understood and supported throughout the session even as we unearthed a long-buried issue that came into light.
— Ariel

Are you ready to reclaim your vibrancy?