Lee Yen

Sacred Practices


Awaken Your Senses

Sacred practices create space within us for an awakening of our senses. These practices help us to continuously shed outdated beliefs and mental programming in order to thrive as our authentic, beautiful selves.

There is no destination, only an experience of life full of delight that emerges when we stay curious and aware.

Sacred practices that I share with clients include:

Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Guided Journaling, Affirmations, Raindrop Technique, Intuitive Eating, and many more!

Sacred Tools


Creating Inner Harmony

Sacred tools facilitate our sacred practices in beautiful harmony, creating reverent experiences filled with delight. The energetic frequencies within these tools commune profoundly with our mind, body and spirit, bringing about transformations beyond thought.

Sacred tools that I share with clients include:

Chakras, Bioimpedance readings, Oracle cards, Quantum BioFeedback, Pranayama, Young Living Essential Oils, and many more!

What keeps us from these moments of delight? Let’s chat to find out what that is for you!