Lee Yen

Are you truly ready to become the most authentic and beautiful version of yourself in mind, body and spirit?

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I see you.

I believe in you.

You are loved fiercely and unconditionally.

Your light is waiting to shine bright.

You are meant to have an abundant life.

You are beautiful.

You are powerful.




Do you feel a deep knowingness within you that you’re meant to do something meaningful?

I serve women who seek to make a joyful and positive impact in this lifetime.

But we all feel stuck and a little confused sometimes. I serve women who have heard the call and aren’t quite clear on what’s next.

I support you in…

• Uncovering your essence that shows up as your unique gifts so you can experience your version of living wholeheartedly.

• Following your intuition with intention and awareness so you can confidently move towards your next best step.

• Living joyously and creatively in the present without allowing stress to overwhelm your ability to thrive.

I help you to…

• Dissolve your stuck emotions and false conditioning around your belief in your own potential.

• Envision the amazing possibilities of your future.

• Spread your wings

I give you…

• The tools that allow you to live in perpetual wonder at the miracle and magic of daily life.

• The non-judgemental space that is safe to process your painful thoughts

• The love that is ever present and universal reflected from you

Are you ready to reclaim your vibrancy?

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What others are saying: 

Do you value your reasons for staying small
more than the light shining through the open door?
— Danna Faulds