Scentsible Yoga: Awaken Your Senses as a Path to Wholeness

Surf & Yoga in Hawaii with Momi & Lee Yen

Remodel your Soul from Inside Out

OCT 10-13, 2019


This is a unique retreat combining the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga for your soul’s nourishment.

Imagine receiving one-on-one healing sessions with an Acupuncturist and a Licensed Spiritual Healer on top of surfing, yoga, bodywork and rest.


Why join us to Remodel Your Soul?


Heal, Nourish & Receive Individualized Therapy

 We will wake up to the sun rising over the ocean, with the fresh ocean breezes playing with your hair. Surfing will be part of the morning meditation as we learn about the ocean and its elements. The beautiful dance with nature will be an exhilarating experience that supports us in building trust on the water and in our real life.

The food will be focused on easy-to-digest meals with emphasis on building strength, nourishing the yin, and eliminating wind.

There will be a Yoga & Meditation practice everyday to realign with your body and expand your awareness and consciousness.

Night time acupuncture treatments will be a blissful way to fall asleep.

You will be receiving Trauma Release Massage with Tuning Forks as well as a Raindrop Technique Session.

Additionally, there will opportunities for individual sessions with Momi & Lee Yen on Days 3 & 4.


3 nights OceanFront accommodation
in Hawaii


Daily Yoga & Meditation


Daily Acupuncture Treatments


Surfing Adventures



  • 3 nights OCEANFRONT accommodation

  • 3 meals a day

  • Daily surfing

  • 3 Scentsible Yoga classes- led by Lee Yen

  • 3 Acupuncture Sessions - by Momi

  • Daily Chanting & Meditation

  • Daily Workshops

  • Individual Mind-Body Therapies

Closest airport: Honolulu, HI

Early Bird Pricing until September 2 2019

1 Queen Bed in 1 room for 1 - $1,299

1 Queen Shared Bed in 1 room for 2 - $1,999

This retreat is perfect if you want an intimate getaway with your partner, family member or good friend to share a bed with. We are very limited in capacity because we want to focus on giving individual attention to each participant.




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Momi Aiu is native to Hawaii. She currently lives on the Big Island where she raises her for children ages ranging from one year old to 14 years old.

Momi works as an acupuncturist for a medical practice that specializes in pain management. She utilizes her skill set in order to help people understand the nature of pain and in particular how that relates to brain function.

Momi also has a private practice where she delves deeper into helping participants essentially rewrite the memories that they store in their brain in order to create their dream life.

The Private Practice focuses on individual therapy as well as group Retreat therapy which has proven to be extremely successful for the human psyche as she has observed participants stepping up and out of their old dogmas and into their new life that they have created for themselves.

Momi loves to meet the needs of herself and as a result meeting the needs of others. Through deep meditation and various therapeutic practices such as acupuncture, massage and yoga she has managed to heal herself on deep levels of ancestral trauma in order to learn the skills and techniques required to heal an individual at a very deep level.

Momi is excited about her journey and loves sharing with others. She can't wait to meet you❤❤❤



creates sacred spaces for soul-level connections, empowering people to find their voice to live joyfully while creating the life they are meant to experience. She teaches internationally at retreats, workshops and classes.

Her Yoga classes uses essential oils as a means of tapping into our sensorial realm to liberate our energy flow through our chakras. Essential oils support this process of awakening our senses as a path to wholeness.

Lee Yen believes that the heart is the bridge connecting a life of abundance on this Earth to a life lived in Harmony with and reverence for Ourselves, all Living Beings, Nature and Universal Consciousness/Divine Love. It is the center from which manifestation and liberation is cultivated.


Send an email to either of us directly: or

****No prior yoga or surfing experience required.*****

We are so looking forward to gathering with you.


Emphasis will be placed on the Five Spirits correlated to the Five Elements and the Five Organs of the body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory.

We will expand our consciousness by practicing recognizing physiological changes in our body and assigning an emotion to the feeling. We will introduce methods to release the emotions we identify.

Together we will build strength, nourish our souls and realign to our unique paths.