Are you truly ready to recover your voice, remember your essence and receive joy in your mind, body and spirit?

let’s chat to see if a series of private sessions is what your soul is calling for


I see you.

I believe in you.

You are loved fiercely and unconditionally.

Your light wants to shine bright.

You are meant to have an abundant life.

You are beautiful.

You are powerful.




Do you practice Yoga, meditate, journal - all the “right” things - yet feel dissatisfied?

I journeyed through my mind into my heart so I can share it with you.

I did not really get it until I started making life sacred.

Experience Scentsible Yoga FOR YOURSELF


My Yoga Classes support you in…

• Uncovering your essence that shows up as your unique gifts so you can experience your version of living wholeheartedly.

• Following your intuition with intention and awareness so you can confidently move towards your next best step.

• Living joyously and creatively in the present without allowing stress to overwhelm your ability to thrive.


My Yoga Classes help you to…

• Dissolve your stuck emotions and false conditioning around your belief in your own potential.

• Envision the amazing possibilities of your future.

• Spread your wings to live a life of courage and vulnerability.


My Yoga Classes Give You…

• The Sacred Tools that allow you to live in perpetual wonder at the miracle and magic of daily life.

• The non-judgemental space that is safe to process your painful thoughts.

• The love that is ever present and universal reflected from you.

Our sense of Inner Peace emerges when we find our Wholeness in the Integration of the Heart with Matter and Spirit, as represented by our Chakras and the different aspects of our Being.

Are you ready to live in wholeness?

Let’s chat to figure out if private sessions are right for you.

What others are saying: 

Kiana is a Yoga Teacher and Practitioner. She tells us about her experience of Lee Yen's Scentsible Yoga class.
The essence of oneself and the essence of the world - these two are one.
— Joseph Campbell