Imagine a Yoga practice that takes you to the realm of your senses. We use Young Living Essential Oils to facilitate our Soul’s journey home to our Hearts through the Chakra System.

It is a divine experience that is designed for you to take into your everyday life so you can access your wise, wild self moment by moment.

Sherry tells us why Lee Yen's Scentsible Yoga Classes are so unique.

It has been just over 24 hours since I left a sunset yoga session with essential oils and the added bonus of sound healing with crystal bowls. It left me in the most blissful state I have ever been in and opened up a portal for healing that continues even at the writing of this post. One of the most amazing experiences of my soul’s journey and best night’s rest I can remember. Please do yourself a favor, even if only once, participate in one of her events. It will be worth every moment of your time. My hope is you have half the shifting experience that I have just had. Miraculously Blissful!
— Sandy