“‘LeeYen is an amazingly interesting and positive person who I was fortunate to meet while I lived briefly in Japan.

Although we actually have not met in person very many times, I have been really amazed and grateful that LeeYen would want to give up time to help me develop my confidence as a leader and discuss my fears and concerns that may be holding me back. Having personal one to one conversations to help and challenge my thoughts has helped me change some negative beliefs to push forward. How amazing that someone halfway across the world wants to give you time to help you grow?!

I also regularly listen to her podcasts and online workshops and can say I have truly benefited from her wise words and positive energy-whether it be about developing leadership qualities, balancing and harmonising my body, starting a business or sharing kindness; I can say that LeeYen has made a positive impact on me.’

- Katie R.

Lee Yen AndersonComment