“I went to the class with my daughter, a friend and her daughter. First of all when I invited my friend she was a bit reluctant to go for lack of exercising and also for not being a Yoga Practioner. 
I have told her that LeeYen's class wasn't anything traditional or close to ordinary yoga as well, so she has decided to trust my world and embrace the journey.

When we got there was such a joy and a feeling to be part of something truly special, sharing and enjoying with others something new to us all.

A feeling of community and caring. 
We had yoga with music from plants and tea from 500 years old three. What an amazing experience, my daughter was so well balanced (we had chakra balance as well) and so besotted in oils that she fell asleep as I have never seen before, It was almost like she got into a trance and went into a shutdown mode in completely hibernation. I love how we just can close our eyes and just follow her voice guiding you to the best you can have in your own pace and level.
Great experience.100%
With gratitude.”

- Cristina

Emily Hassett