Scentsible Yoga: Awaken Your Senses as a Path to Wholeness

You are seen.
You are heard.
You are valued.

It is hard to believe isn’t it? I used to doubt it and was deep in my painful thoughts of feeling unworthy with a generous coating of fear. No longer do I give my power away so easily!


Who is Lee Yen Anderson?

She leads Yoga practices with her heart to inspire those who feel a deep yearning to live life in wholeness


Fueled by love

She creates transformative events, sharing her sacred tools that support her clients to embody their unique gifts. Fueled by love and her connection to the magic and beauty of our universe, Lee Yen is the founder of The Scentsible Tribe, a global organization of 25,000 members who are thriving in lifestyles that honor the earth and all living beings.


Lee Yen believes that children are our reasons, not our excuses.

We give ourselves permission to take time off everyday to be on the Yoga Mat to be better adults for the children of our world.

from lee yen herself:


from seeking perfection to embracing purity

I used to believe that I needed to get “to the top” to be “somebody”. I grew up in a household of living for the future. The topics of discussion centered around the need to be highly educated so we could have successful careers.

Being ambitious became a pursuit of perfection. At 10 years old, I broke down crying for hours with the utmost disappointment that I did not receive 5 out of 5 possible As in a statewide exam. My results of 4 As was unacceptable in my childish mind. The term “You are useless” was directed at me often from external sources and rang in my head that day that I can remember so well.

My life became a quest to prove that I am NOT useless.

For 25 years I worked hard relentlessly. I landed a first job right out of university in the finance industry and was on a prestigious career path that very few could hope to secure. I was in perfect control of my life’s trajectory, or so I thought.

The road to embracing purity instead of seeking perfection was painful, caused mostly by my own unkind thoughts. I was ridden with fear and feelings of unworthiness.

Isn’t it ironic that we can be so accomplished in the eyes of society yet feel so small and unloved inside?

Today, I am in a space of inner peace with myself. What can I attribute this transformation to? The whisperings in my heart. The symptoms my body used to speak to me. Collectively, they woke me up to being more present in my life and to make choices that honor my health above all.

One step at a time. One breath at a time.

To be continued….


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