Scentsible Yoga: Awaken Your Senses as a Path to Wholeness

Yoga is my breath-to-breath practice of coming home to be with my wise, wild self. The peacefulness that lies within informs my intentional life.

There is Joy in the deep knowingness of a Divine Love within and around me and in all beings on this planet.



Aloha! I’m Lee Yen.

I am so delighted you are here. I suspect you are just like me. You are looking to fill your life with meaningful moments that take you to the experience of delight and fun.

I spent the last 20 years practicing Yoga yet I was so busy jumping on every train possible to help me get to the summit of Life. I was stressed out, overworked and frustrated.

I have had moments of delight and moments of despair. I have had success and lots and lots of failures.

I had the tools and the knowledge and still could not find the bridge to my heart and a life filled with LOVE until recently.

I offer myself as a guide to take you across that bridge. I have so much to share with you.


Thank you Lee Yen for an amazing Aroma Yoga session. It was just what I needed. I recommend it highly to anyone of any ability with or without yoga experience. It is a grounding and at the same time uplifting experience. Thank you, thank you.
— Tammy

Let’s move away from busy-ness being the hallmark of success. Slow down, breathe, and embody all of who you are, which is whole and complete, valuable and worthy.